Where to Get a Memorial Tattoo in Orange County?

Question by rennie: Where to get a memorial tattoo in Orange County?
I’m looking for a place to get a military memorial tattoo in Orange County.

Best answer:

Answer by Truth
There is no good place in Orange County to get tattooed. There is no good place to get tattooed anywhere. All tattoo parlors everywhere are evil places, filled with regret and abuse. There is no such thing as a good tattoo artist. Your holy body is not a canvas and the abusers who ink graffiti onto living bodies are not artists. Do not get tattooed. Tattoos are permanent. You can not take them back. If you are fooled into getting a tattoo, never tip a tattoo predator . Do not pay money for people to abuse and deface your body. Learn about Stockholm Syndrome (a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein victims have positive feelings towards their abusers), which can help explain why victims of tattoo predators can have “admiration” for their oppressors. Tattoo predators are similar to drug dealers in that they receive money and make their living by hurting others, (although the people they hurt think they are being helped by their abuser, and so the parallel to Stockholm Syndrome.) Open your eyes and don’t be a willing victim! The tattoo industry is full of abuse and negligence. Tattoo removal is at an all time high. Tattoo lawsuits are soaring due to the nature of this demeaning industry and the harm caused by these abusers to young people who mistakenly trust them, If you were tattooed as a minor or while intoxicated, you can take the tattoo parlor and the predator who abused you to court and use your settlement money to remove those tattoos you no longer want. You can sue these tattoo predators in court, and make them pay for defacing your body. Stand up for your rights.

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