Where Can I Find State Funded Drug Rehab Programs ?

Question by uz2bafrk: Where can I find state funded programs ?
The father of my 4 yr old child has recently hit rock bottom….He had to move cuz parents sold house, he lost his job, he was living in his car until someone called the police and had it towed away because he never registered it in his name…..My daughter loves her daddy, but he needs help. He wouldn’t be in this situation if he was clean…..( atleast i hope he wouldn’t) He’s willing to go into a program…But obviously can’t afford one… So I was wondering if there are any programs that are free…or payed by state… or something…Can anyone help ?

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Answer by sweet sue
I found a privately funded treatment center in my state by calling AA ( in the phone book). They called me back and we talked along time about the problem and they directed me to several in the state. It was free but one of the requirements was that you ad to find a job and then pay $ 125 a week. But YOU had to earn the money, it couldn’t come from your family.

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  • bmac says:

    He needs to go to the county’s department of social services. If he qualifies (which it sounds like will be no problem) they will get him to mental health services. He has to do it that way. They handle getting you into state-funded programs/rehab.

    You can go to that county’s website and see where he needs to go. And he will have to go in person.

  • pikachu says:

    i live in maryland but work in delaware, and there are billboards all over the place for free detox in delaware, and in maryland i know that you have to go to social services for the info. so it might be different in any state, but social services should still be able to point you in the right direction no matter where you live.

  • Jordan J says:


  • Dan TO says:

    I like this guy. Christie 2016??

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