Overcome Video Game Addiction and Stop Playing


Overcome and stop playing – A little video I made after successfully having kicked the urge to game. I use music from the movie “The Piano” and clips from Hitman Absolution. I played vi…


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20 Responses to Overcome Video Game Addiction and Stop Playing

  • Solocid says:

    This really got to me man.. thank you very much you might not realise how
    many people started thinking about the wasted time of playing games.
    Again thank you man and God Bless you?

  • swepanda says:

    video games is simular to drugs, it is nice to disepear from reality?

  • decayedmatter says:

    Yes because it’s so impossible to play games and also have a social life at
    the same time. Just like no one can watch tv or movies, read books, ect.,
    and still have a life.

    This video poster is a fucking moron and projecting his own loserish
    experience of having zero self control onto others.


    Go fuck yourself.?

  • Ivan Malinovski says:

    I have played video games since 5 and now im 12. Every day for hours, and
    im not talking tor two or one hour,i play about 4 hours daily. My grades
    at school are shit , i wear glasses beacouse my eyes are ruined from my
    computer, and the worst part is that i cant stop its an addiction someone
    help me !?

  • simbaz says:

    WOW Thats deep. I deleted World of Tanks after that…?

  • Tore Ander says:

    u really sound like pewdiepie!?

  • iGeekMaori says:

    Guys, list the last video game you played before you gave up playing video
    Mine was GTA V ;)?

  • Tore Ander says:

    Thx for this video, dude, this is JUST what I needed, I started thinking at
    stop playing video games very recent, cause I wanted learn something new,
    something in real life, I’m pretty much ADDICTED too bf4 but I think I’ll
    take a break after I’ve watched this vid, anyways thx man for this awesome

  • leon latifi says:

    i started to play cs 1.6 one yer before and i relly like that game and a
    ply like i come after school and cs all the day when my parents come at
    home from work i eat something and again i play till its midnight but i
    cant quit damn it my grades they were all good 5 but now they are 54 to3 it

  • not2kickin says:

    deciding i want to stop my addiction and focus more on my dream to become a
    gym owner i am currently 17 i do not have a car or a drivers license or a
    girlfriend, i am a slob, all i did was game im almost overweight and
    recently have been taking care of my body. I think i have made the decision
    to just enjoy life in a different way by changing how i live my days. ?

  • DeadKingsmen says:

    Im a major addicting..about to be 23years old.. stayed in the house for 4
    years.. skinny.. unhealthy… left school cause… I wana play games.. I
    steal money from my family to buy the games… stole from friends to get
    money to get games. ruined peoples laptops sneaking to download games… MY
    PS3 Died recently and im taking it as a way to end the addiction …?

  • Tha3l says:

    thanks man?

  • MyNameXsh says:

    Some people are making a living off of games, The only reason I play games
    is because there is nothing I would rather do with my time, when I need to
    work, I work, The rest of my time I do what I like, I’m not going to spend
    it doing something stupid that would better myself if I don’t like it, I
    wouldn’t be happy at all then..?

  • wopper esco says:

    I told myself a few years ago I would stop when I beat half life 3. But I
    guess that day will never come. :(?

  • Oli Hmill says:

    2 hours a day is not that much though. my cousin used to play all day and
    night. He’s 19 now and lacks social skills, gets angry really easily and
    stuff. it’s just a game, but being isolated and staring at that screen for
    hours isn’t healthy. Quit before it’s too late, really. ?

  • emilee1234emilee says:

    Thankyou! : D?

  • Rui Lucas says:

    You made my day! Thank you!?

  • ?? says:

    thank you and i think it’s time for me to quit gaming and build another
    more healthy hobby like learning guitar or working out in gym etc.
    btw, the last game i played was dayz standalone.?

  • AychOneEnnOne says:

    Gaming isn’t an addiction, it’s a lifestyle. I have over 1750 hours over 2
    years on my Steam account.?

  • Dishoungh White says:

    I’m making my biggest attempt to get rid of addiction. I have a video
    covering my start of overcoming my archenemy, video games. You don’t have
    to watch but, I’m with you. I’ve gamed all my life and I’m 14 years old.
    And I’ve now realized that games have turned me into someone worse. I’m
    arguing with my parents, I’m super lazy, not physically active, and I have
    a huge dream. I dream to one day, innovate the world like Steve Jobs. And I
    thought, how can I do that when I’m playing games 10+ hours a day? ?

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