Should the Use of Homeopathic Treatments on Children Be Banned?

Question by Gary Y: Should the use of homeopathic treatments on children be banned?
A prominent pharmacy consultant is calling for the Australian Federal Government to ban the use of homeopathic treatments on children.

From the article, “Homeopathy not for children: pharmacist”:-

His comments come after a British parliamentary panel found homeopathy was “scientifically implausible” and should no longer be licensed by medicine regulators.

“I think what the TGA should do is not allow homeopathic medicines to be used or sold for children up to the age of 12,” he said.

“That’s because of the dangers that the parents, with the best will in the world, may just decide that’s the way to go and then the child gets sicker and sicker.”

The entire article:

I welcome your answers.
@Kaye B – I didn’t ask about prescribed drugs. Try to stay on topic and answer the question please.

@Lightning – You have been told before about the dangers of foregoing proper medical treatments in favor of placebos.

@Mantra – congratulations for committing a WTF fallacy.
@Aristo – I didn’t ask about clean drinking water, speed or Ritalin. Try to stay on topic please.

@Avicenna – please at least attempt to answer the question.

@Kobayashi – good to hear from you again!
@ Mr E – whats the hard part about you alties just answering the question? I didn’t ask about prescription drugs!

Is it because you truly know that homeopathy is bunk, but you just can’t admit it because it goes against your anti-medicine ideology? A form of cognitive dissonance?

Best answer:

Answer by angrydoc
Oh no! there’s an epidemic of rationality spreading!

Yes, homeopathy should not just be banned for use in children but in adults too.

edit: Yes, Kaye B, prescribed drugs, given properly for correctly diagnosed conditions are better. A trillion times better than unproven homeopathy.

edit 2:
Lightning said:
“But I thought you believed it was just water Gary…..
Surely its harmless if thats the case?”

Dr. Lightning in all his wittiness must have forgotten that delayed treatment can also harm children. Oh no!

edit 3:
Avicenna/ Truthseeker said:
“In favour of what? How would you like to replace the Homoeopathic remedies even if used as placebo only.”

Homeopathy should be banned in favor of real medical therapies. Therapies that work.
The second part of your inane statement makes no sense whatsoever. Is it a question? I don’t get it.

What do you think? Answer below!


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13 Responses to Should the Use of Homeopathic Treatments on Children Be Banned?

  • Mantra says:

    Children are more responsive to homeopathic treatment than adults.
    Children are able to see auras better than adults.
    Children are able to see angels better than adults.

    The fact that homeopathy is “scientifically implausible” means exactly that. It is implausible to the Western scientific community. The Scientific community has a long way to go before it can even begin to explain a lot of things that happen on this earth.

    The Western medical scientific community has identified over 6,000 diseases or conditions of the human body. The Western medical scientific community has a portfolio of approximately 2,000 proven “cures”. That is a success rate of 33%.

    For the other 66% we are still going to have to rely on Christian Faith, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Homeopathy, etc.

  • Kaye B says:

    So prescribed drugs are better?

  • Mathieu says:

    Homeopathy should certainly be banded as a treatment for children, however I would extend that age to 18.

    I also think governments, medical institutions, and people need to either place homeopathy in the trash OR into modern evidence based medicine where any product would need to show it works. Or to put it another way if people think the world of homeopathy then I will accept it, as soon as agencies like The NHS, Health Canada, and the FDA approve the substance and find it has significant efficacy, well above placebo, with side effects acceptable in comparison to its efficacy.

    The problem is that will never happen.

    All homeopathic treatments should be removed from The British NHS and Australian PBS as there is not clinical evidence of its effectiveness and the medical establishment has dismissed it.

    Most drugs are not even approved in children and in many situations there are problems and there is considerable debate about prescribing certain, fairly untested drugs, in children.

    So when it comes to children in particular if a “treatment” has no evidence it works (in anyone, let alone children) it should not be prescribed, no matter that is is. However with drugs many may not be approved but over time many have been shown to be effective or to have an acceptable ratio of benefit to risk.

    And I have heard of several cases of parents trying to treat their young children with homeopathic remedies, often with terrible outcomes. Children may die from pharmaceuticals but that is generally the result of incorrect dosing.

  • Debra says:

    Homeopathic should be tried first, while being monitored by Dr and Parent, BUT Give a child healthy, REAL 100% whole foods, lots of water,REST! In a few days, the child will usually feel better

  • Lightning says:

    But I thought you believed it was just water Gary…..
    Surely its harmless if thats the case?
    Parents can also decide no treatment at all if homeopathy is banned and their children get sicker and sicker.

    Exactly how often does this actually happen?
    You are always asking for empirical proof of any of our claims, lets see some for this one then!

    ##@Lightning – You have been told before about the dangers of foregoing proper medical treatments in favor of placebos.###
    Of course the medical profession never do placebo treatments!!
    So any child that has a cold “has to” go to the pharmacist and take the recommended medical protocol must they?
    How are you going to enforce that? Make all children wards of court?Gary you are a bloody fascist. Exactly how many people die from foregoing proper medical treatments in favor of placebos?
    Far less than the number who are accidently killed by the medical profession in ‘legitimate’ treatments. If you don’t agree get me some ’empirical data’ and make me a liar.
    These initiatives aren’t about protecting the public, they are about eliminating the competition and stoping people exercising a right to choose how they handle theirs and their families health.
    Whether homeopathy is placebo or not it kills far less people than the medical profession and is far safer. This isn’t the 1950’s Gary. We know our rights and don’t trust the medical profession and pharma any more because we know they are selective with the truth and the greater good isn’t the people they serve but keeping themselves in employment and at the top of the tree.

  • Jaibie says:

    Lightning you think that would never happen? Wrong.

    News report about a 9 month old from Sydney who died from infections secondary to eczema because her parents treated her with homeopathy and refused to use conventional medicine.

  • lo_mcg says:

    Wow, there really does seem to be an epidemic of common sense; first the recommendations of the British parliamentary panel and now this.

    Yes, it’s an excellent suggestion. An adult can decide to go ahead and treat themselves with a proven placebo, with all the risks that involves; a child cannot. I think the recommendation should be up to the age of at least 16 though.

    Perhaps the Daily Mash should update its excellent coverage of the British recommendation:

    Lightning, it is precisely BECAUSE homeopathy is just water that children should be protected from parents who want to treat their illnesses with it.

    A nanny state is one which protects children from neglect? For shame!

  • Avicenna says:

    In favour of what? How would you like to replace the Homoeopathic remedies even if used as placebo only.

    You are little short sighted or troll. Which is it? Do choose.

  • Rhianna Returns says:

    It certainly borders on child abuse. The problem is, while homoeopathic preparations contain no active ingrediacnts (and can therefore do no actual harm) parents may attempt to “treat” their children with what is essentially sugar and starch pills and deny their children proper medical attention, thus leaving them medically untreated. Childrens healh could be put at risk.

    @ Mantra: Dude, that was just weird!

  • Kobayashi says:

    HAI mean YES at Japan, homeopathic treatment have no real medicine, if parents use it not real medicines can cause much suffering and many deaths, I think parents use such fake medicine and kill children murder them, homeopathic medicine should be illegal of all people, both children and adults, anyone want use fake medicines make money is fraud and thief, anyone want use fake medicine and cause suffering and death is vicious savage too. Mantra believe many wrong ideas have no proof, is quite weird.

  • Flizbap says:

    Would be nice. Might actually happen in the UK.

    But in the US parents seem to be allowed to treat their child’s leukimia with gum drops and good intentions.

    EDIT: Proof?

  • dave says:


    Unfortunately a parent deluded enough to offer a fake treatment is also likely to suffer from ‘placebo by proxy’; their child may show no benefit though the parents may insist their is, further extending the damage caused (as in the disturbing case cited). Placebo effect in very young children is limited to ‘kiss it better’ if they graze a knee, which fits nicely with their short attention span.

    But placebo for real medical conditions? No way, how a parent could risk a fake cure on a child beggars belief.

  • Mr E says:

    if you were honestly concerned about the public’s health, you would recommend banning what has proven to be the most potentially harmful- drugs.

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