Why Do People Take Drugs?


Why Do People Take Drugs? – People take drugs to relieve themselves from unwanted conditions. Bobby Wiggins, Drug Prevention Specialist, covers the basic reasons why people do drugs. This is the third of a series of 10 Narconon drug education videos based on the booklet “10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs.” No One Knows What Causes People to Take Drugs. True or False? False. Pain, boredom and stress are some of the reasons why people take up drugs.


'Flight' is much more than a plane crash movie – Entertainment

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I cannot help but wonder, after seeing the movie, how much of that was paid by viewers expecting to see a disaster movie. I wonder how … His character is a flawed hero, an out-of-control alcoholic and drug abuser. Whip's employers are unaware of his …
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Running for a reason: one woman strives to raise awareness for addiction

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“We grew up in a solid, Christian, middle-class family,” said Davis Boyd, “but my grandmother was an alcoholic and my father abused prescription drugs and was a recovering addict. “Of our three siblings, the genetic … People need to recognize …
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Parents with such histories can consider how to help their children avoid developing a substance abuse problem. http://t.co/4ttkBtiO – by ChangngLives (Changing Lives )


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RT @ChangngLives: The Gettysburg Address of how to help with substance abuse. | Changing Lives Foundation Blog http://t.co/lTY5Ub6X http … – by tewcute (sue)


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The Gettysburg Address of how to help with substance abuse. | Changing Lives Foundation Blog http://t.co/lTY5Ub6X http://t.co/97W21Yjg – by ChangngLives (Changing Lives )


7 Responses to Why Do People Take Drugs?

  • Ivan Garcia says:

    you’re the? fucking idiot for being so ignorant. people use marijuana to relax, it has nothing to do with “rappers” doing it. Abrahalm Lincoln did it, Louis Armstrong did it, and the list goes on and on… Your racist, bigoted agenda is only targeted to those who are different then yourself. go kill yourself you disgusting, right-winged nut piece of shit. bottom of the barrel sewage, unamerican, and unintelligent.

  • aginstNWO says:

    Ppl are idiots and? let others influance them. And whats with this inflation of marijuana use in todays socitiy? So if an ignorant rapper does it, they have to?

  • Revbone450 says:

    The much larger question is why are so many people so stressed, frustrated, angry, bored, depressed and? whatever else that they seek relief from drugs? At what point do we start looking at the bigger dysfunction of modern society?

  • TheOpssup says:

    I like his lectures?

  • Patrick Sandor says:


  • narcononofga says:

    Good information? about drug abuse.

  • PepsiJuror says:


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