What Happens if the Mother Wants to Put Their Baby Up for Adoption but the Father Doesn’t?

Question by sdkldfkjlldjfk .: What happens if the mother wants to put their baby up for adoption but the father doesn’t?
What if..

A woman is pregnant by a man who was not her boyfriend or husband.. & she wants to put the baby up for adoption to give it a better life that she knows that her herself cannot provide, but he doesn’t agree & doesn’t want her to put his child up for adoption.

**–ALSO what if the guy is not a stable, respectable good person in society. (Drug addiction, conviction, bad past, has been in & out of jail, etc.)

What happens in a situation like this?

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Answer by sarahliz1624
The man has the right to have custody of the child. If she doesn’t want it, she gets no say in who raises it. You need both parents concent to put a baby up for adoption. Being convicted of a crime does not strip you of your parental rights. Probably shouldn’t have slept with him if he’s not a stable, respectable member of society.

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6 Responses to What Happens if the Mother Wants to Put Their Baby Up for Adoption but the Father Doesn’t?

  • anon ymous says:

    if the man wants custody he will have to file for it but he may not be granted custody do to him being unstable and whatnot so the child would be put in a foster care if neither parent can take of it or wants to . í think it wuld be easier to put the baby up for adoption so it will not suffer and be loved by people who will love it and will be able to support it .

  • Kat says:

    What if you don’t put him on the birth certificate and when you go through the agency tell them you don’t know who the father is. Because he may want the child but can he give the child a better life than an adoptive couple. I would go with your best instincts, if he’s in and out of jail and on drugs I would think he wouldn’t be able to get custody anyway. Good luck sweetie =)

  • 7rin says:
  • S D says:

    first of…you can’t lie on not naming him as the birth father on any birth certificates because if that was found out…you could get yourself in serious trouble with the law! So what if he wan’ts his child! You don’t have motherly instict do you…why are you so willing to give this child away…the first option is to a birth relative…if the mother is unwilling to own up to her responisblities, and the father wants to step up..he should! Its hard to find good fathers out there!

    Is the reason you don’t want him to have custody is because you will know where the child is? Why don’t you just have an abortion instead! wouldn’t that be easier? He has every right to his child, your so evil! People can change inlife…perhaps he will be a good daddy and will find the love of his life and they will raise your child together without you! and you can go be selfish somewhere else.

    You choose to bring this innocent life in this world, and chose to sleep with this man…you didn’t get an abortion so deal with the consequences…stop being rude! This is a baby that deserves its blood family first – if you want to be a dead beat, then you be one, was your father not in yourlife? did your mother not want anything to do with you? How did or would you have felt! How dare you make such a decision without asking the bio dad first! OWN UP TO YOUR RESPONSIBITIES…ADOPTION IS NOT THE ONLY WAY…THERE ARE OTHER SOURCES OF HELP SUCH AS FOOD BANKS, CHILD-SUPPORT, GOV. HELP, WEL-FARE ETC.. YOU MADE THIS BABY – RAISE IT!

    Don’t think that just because you put a kid up for adoption its always better…there are alot of people that post as fronts too, for child sex trade, and child prostution etc…just because a couple looks squeeky-clean doesn’t mean that its all flowers and rainbows! Sometimes children grow up feeling a non-sense of belonging, or somethings off, and they could be told that the birth mom never wanted them etc…You don’t really know, what if this child dies at 9 or how can you live life knowing that there is someone out there…and you may never see them again etc…

    What is it your business if he wants his kid? Since you don’t want it…so no one should? really? How would this child feel about you, knowing that her/his father wanted him/her and you said NO! get lost…stay away! basically thats what your saying …you need to grow the fuck up woman!

    own up to your mistakes and stop throwing away your young…shame on you!

  • KarlaElaine100 says:

    If you watch the entire Power? of Love DVD, this makes total sense! It isn’t gay! I have the DVD and it’s worth every penny! Collin Raye is a great singer. He sings from the heart! I recommend the DVD highly!

  • simonspics1 says:

    Awesome inspiring and filled? with meaning! God Bless!

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