Tvert: Rescheduling Pot No Silver Bullet

Tvert: Rescheduling pot no silver bullet

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However, the Drug Enforcement Administration considers the substance to be a Schedule I narcotic — meaning that it offers no known or acknowledged medical benefit. Other Schedule I narcotics include heroin, whereas Schedule II lists the likes of …
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Searching for New Pathways and Treatments for Head and Neck Squamous Cell

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To illustrate the challenge posed by NOTCH's dual mechanisms, Tward noted a clinical trial testing a gamma secretase inhibitor predicted to inhibit NOTCH in patients with Alzheimer's disease that had to be stopped because the drug was causing an …
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Can Regeneron Continue To Generate Profits?

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Soaring sales of Eylea, which launched in November 2011, drove Regeneron's revenue growth. Product … The FDA denied approval for Arcalyst in the treatment of gout, and Regeneron has discontinued development of the drug for that indication. However …
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Malaria gains at risk, warns World Health Organisation

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Photograph: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images. The remarkable gains made in the treatment of malaria over the past decade are under threat because of insufficient increases in funding over the past two years, according to an annual progress report by the …
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