The Faces of Drug Addiction


The Faces of Drug Addiction – No one is immune to the evils of drug addiction, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. In this story we introduce you to two young men who you would never think would be recovering drug addicts, and it all started with the over-the-counter pain killers. To learn more about Addiction Recovery please go to To learn more about the Le Mont Michel recovery home or to schedule a tour call 801-733-4472


Local Voices, Nov. 14

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As a retired 747 airline captain with 35 years experience with one of America's largest airlines, I would like to comment on the hit movie "Flight." The movie is entertaining, even though it has little to do with flying. The story is about a drug …
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Lenny Kravitz to play Motown legend Marvin Gaye in new biopic

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Reports say Kravitz – who has had smaller parts in the likes of movie The Hunger Games and TV series Entourage alongside Mark Wahlberg – will portray Gaye during his battles with depression and drug addiction. Gaye – whose hits included Sexual …
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Once Is Enough: 9 Great Films We Will Never Watch Again

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Jennifer Connelly plays scattered recovering drug addict Kathy who is reeling from her husband's abrupt departure and is then evicted from her house due to unpaid taxes. Meanwhile, Iranian immigrant Behrani (Ben Kingsley) purchases Kathy's former house …


23 Responses to The Faces of Drug Addiction

  • carlose0318 says:

    it seems as though i have a terminal illness. powerless to stop it. scared out of my mind. knowing i dont have long…and the crying shame of being that painful memory for those who love me, when they get older. bored with everything life can throw at me, un-caring either way. diangnose me if? you must. there’s nothing you can do to win back my trust

  • HIR5032 says:

    You can lose your precious life in just a blink of an eye when you put yourself into drug addiction. When you feel that things are getting? out of hand, seek help for your recovery and get your life back buddy…

  • Connorvideos13 says:

    They? are Mormon

  • loko4civic says:

    If i had the money i would of? put my ass in rehab already..

  • valkor73 says:

    with money you can? have all the breaks

  • Kill3rzone says:

    Asking? the same question

  • VlPmsg says:


  • Lucas Beckett says:

    1:11 It’s? A Trap…

  • jascoombs1 says:

    Thank you for sharing? this. I means the world to me.

  • madmike1 says:

    That guy at the start…Is a tad scary and I feel could relapse, he still gets excited at the thought of drugs to a scary degree. To the point I think he might be thinking to himself “damn….I need to use again, that was fun” whenever? he is talking about it

  • jsmokey924js says:

    pills are awesome?

  • Zoe Katherine says:

    woah.. what did the poor girl do wrong??

  • VideoSaySo says:

    (Cont’d) and understand why people commit suicide when they have chronic pain conditions. People like me get treated like addicts, get denied medications because we’re “too young” or “just trying to get a fix” or some other crap because we are at the mercy of doctors and the system. We’re prescribed pills for other conditions (guinea pigs).. Drugs should be legalized across the board. People? who abuse them will eventually OD but people who need them will be able to have a quality of life.

  • VideoSaySo says:

    (Cont’d) and their family/”friends” would convince them they had a problem. Those cases usually ended up as suicides…not attempts, but successful suicides. There’s a quote that hits home? with me because I’ve seen it “People in pain who commit suicide don’t want to end their lives, they are putting an end to their pain”. Now I find myself in pain from a hereditary condition that my spine and the discs are literally crumbling (DJD) and have gone through years of bullshit treatments (cont’d)

  • VideoSaySo says:

    So what happens when people go to rehab? They give them MORE drugs to take instead of the ones the people used to recreate on. I’ve? seen it over and over again (I used to work as an admin assistant in a mental health/substance abuse facility. Half the time the people would end up worse than when they came through the door…ALL of them were turned into “victims” by the facilitators within a month of starting treatment. The ones I felt bad for were people who were truly in intense pain (cont’d)

  • EndoSmoke16 says:

    Pillz are good?

  • Chuck Norris says:

    For example, I started smoking a few years back. (Sure it’s not meth or anything like that but it proves my point here) I don’t blame any ads or society or anything else other than myself when I made a bad decision to start smoking and I carry full responsibility for my actions. I also might have to face? some serious consequenses like lung cancer or heart failure because I made the choise and got addicted. Now that’s my fucking fault and no one should feel sorry for me. Now do you get my point?

  • Chuck Norris says:

    haha i always get to argue on youtube? about some bs. I mean sure you can help these people and bring something good into their lives, nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that all drug addicts should take responsibility for their actions and stop playing the “victim card”. I heard some celebrity talking about his drug addiction on tv and he was talking like his own choises that led to this addiction were actually some sorta disease and that he had no control over what had happened. Total bs.

  • nikoE30 says:

    We shouldn’t feel sorry for someone who has taken drugs? Your wrong, we should feel sorry and feel the need to help them for they have made a mistake, we are all humans we are here to learn, let’s not be selfish and help each other, this is exactly whats wrong with mankind right now, we are selfish, we are “too good” so, they made a mistake? too bad, it was their choice,? i m living the good life. thats wrong and sad

  • TheFrigginAwesome says:


  • Chuck Norris says:

    I just think that? we shouldn’t feel sorry for someone who has maken a clear voluntary choice and started consuming hard drugs like meth. The word “tarded” applies to people who haven’t done any research about the drugs that they’re taking. Not listening to at least some facts and without taking some time to think bout what your doing n’ just jumping head on to snort some shit sounds kinda stupid to me 🙂

  • Chuck Norris says:

    Drugs can? cause severe permanent negative effects and diseases like HIV, psychosis, instant death due to OD etc. or even cause the consumer to loose control of his behaviour and bite some homeless guy’s head off (go check that one out). We don’t necessarily have to blindly follow everything that has been told to us in this society, but you have to understand that it is YOUR responsibility when you do obviously stupid things like meth or heroin.

  • docteryadonater says:

    I am from utah! I thought? this was funny. 🙂

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