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Does It Annoy You That People Addicted to Meth Get Ssi for Being?

Question by snorkel_susie: Does it annoy you that people addicted to meth get ssi for being?
“mentally disabled” What a joke!

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Answer by sandy d
I hear you.

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Waterman: Students tackle bullying, drug abuse issues

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The main concept for our seventh- and eighth-graders is alcohol and drug prevention, which we also provide to several of our sixth-grade classes. We ask students to think about all of the wonderful things they have in their lives (family and friends, …
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Cholesterol-lowering statins more widely recommended in US

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Cholesterol-lowering statins drug could be prescribed to more American adults under new guidelines, raising questions about overprescribing, a Canadian expert says. The American Heart Association … Dr. Lee Green is a family physician and chair of …
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Andy Kaufman Is Alive, Says His Brother

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He did suffer from seizures — one happening just a month before his death — but popular urban legends persist that Lee was murdered by triads, a curse on his family and/or the delayed reaction from Dim Mak strike (called the "Touch of Death …
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Berry: Virginia must have a fairer criminal justice system

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If we are serious about giving our citizens a second chance, we have to eliminate barriers to people being able to work, playing a role in their families, being parents and contributing to our community. Tasked with spreading the gospel, I am moved to …
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