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What to Expect Next With Friends Serious Sexual Addiction?

Question by Billy: What to expect next with friends serious sexual addiction?
My friends sexual addiction is so out of hand. He is up on the intenet all night on manhunt or adam4adam. It is not unusual for him to be with two or three different people a day. When he is not with some one he is looking. It is ruining all of our lives. He won’t admit to the problem It’s getting worse and worse. He cannot support himself sandy more. Along with this he is addicted to crystal. What should we expect next. We cannot afford counseling. I am in orange county California. And can anyone offer advice?

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Answer by Nels N
There are free counseling services and programs. Sometimes schools or churches will have someone with experience in your type of problem for free. Like everything though, less money means less options. I’ve heard that ‘The Dream Center” in LA does a lot of good social work type things. It is associated with the Assemblies of God, but their focus is on helping people. I know this is a distance away, but maybe you could call them and they would know of someone in your area.

As for you, make sure you don’t get sucked into his drama. Sex addiction is bad enough, but throw in the legal and medical problems that come with drugs, and things can get out of control in the blink of an eye. Protect yourself.

He already has the one thing that really matters, and that is a friend that cares. I hope you’re able to help him, but remember that it is almost impossible to help someone who refuses to acknowledge a problem. Be there to help him pick up the pieces, but he may have to hit bottom before he realizes there is a problem. I’ll be praying for you and your friend.

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