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Nugent to Celebs Boycotting Florida: Why Not Boycott Chicago as Well?

Nugent to celebs boycotting Florida: Why not boycott Chicago as well?

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Ted Nugent: 'Dope-smoking gangsta wannabe' Trayvon Martin 'got justice' [VIDEO] · Most Americans support 'Stand Your Ground' laws, national poll shows · Don Lemon: 'I'm gonna get the Uncle Tom award' · Strike: Check which major cities will be hit by …
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The Oral History of Intervention

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After these troubled substance abusers head off to treatment (and all but four of them did), they reflect on their harrowing experiences three months later in epilogues that cap off each episode. Over thirteen seasons and 189 episodes, the format …
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BILL ZWECKER: Snubs of 'The Good Wife' are Emmy's biggest shocker

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CHILDHOOD DÉJÀ VU: In a chat with Vanity Fair's online, Kristen Wiig compared the childhood bedroom of her character Imogen in “Girl Most Likely” (opening Friday) and the one she had as a kid. While the movie bedroom … END OF THE LINE …
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About the host

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If you want/need to tent the bird, make sure it's open at either end, which will help disperse the steam issues that are soggy-ing up that crisped skin. Bottom line: I'd skip the tent, maybe increase the resting time if need be. BTW … I'm posting …
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