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What Are the Cause and Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse?

Question by Rachael: What are the cause and effects of prescription drug abuse?
I am writing a causal paper and i need some causes and effects of prescription drug abuse. thanks

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Answer by Jennifer
Hi…..well there are,of course many causes for drug abuse/addiction,and there are times when there is no direct cause for abuse/addiction.But for the most part…..addiction can be caused from traumatic abuse/childhoods,PTSD,even a horrific car accident can trigger addiction.A horrific car accident can be the very beginning of addiction for many people…even a minor tooth extraction can be the cause of addiction for those who claim that addiction will never happen to them.So,it’s very difficult to give 1 cause for addiction,but it usually starts with 1 prescription.And,for many people? It just goes on ward from there,and can last for years.I just listed a few causes,and I can list many more right off the top of my head.
As for effects from prescription drug addiction? Effects from addiction vary from person to person…..and,the extent of the individuals addiction.For example…a person who has been addicted for 10+ years….that person lost everything due to their addiction.Then another person who sought help early on in their addiction,and were able to salvage their life,and their family,job,etc..
But the overalll efects can be devastating and can end in the loss of human life.
Some addicts have no one to turn to for help,support,or guidance.These addicts are less likely to get help,and are most likely to remain addicts.
If an addict has some kind of support from family or friends? Then their odds of getting sober are much higher than those of the addict with no one.
The effects again…..can be death,loss of basically everything the individual has worked so hard for,loss of friends,family,etc..

Hope this helps a bit.
Take care.

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