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Drug/alcohol Question?

Question by Meezy B: drug/alcohol question?
for art i have to draw a social concern that i have and i picked drugs/alcohol and i have a couple questions

do you think this is a good idea or should i pick something more “PG”?


what is a good way to get my point across?? (that drugs are bad)
like what could i draw/write(cool slogans) on my picture??

thanks =]

Best answer:

Answer by BritainWAScalledGreat
Drugs (including alcohol) are good, when used in the manner intended. Take a plane. They have changed the world, fly around the world faster etc. But abused, 9/11 was abusing the effectiveness and capabilities of man made flying machines. With me?
Drugs save and prolong the lives as many people more people who abuse (use in other way as intended). You have to learn how to use anything properly, how many times does a child fall off a bike before they ride it, then, after practice, do it without thinking, forever!
Drugs (alcohol is a drug, and coffee) need years of ‘practicing’ before they can be used properly, especially on other people. Its called ‘med school’. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses all have practiced there.
Using them without training can be fatal and anything in between (including harmless, but it really is russian roulette.
Better off without them, I have abused almost all drugs, heroin,crack, speed etc at some point, Yeah there fun or else people wouldn’t do it. What goes up must come down (Sir Isaac Newton). But drugs you can keep going up, until you come down and euphoria turns to depression.
Pick it, I wish I was around from the future to tell me these things. Kids pretend to know cos they get ripped for not, but none do,really!

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