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SUPER BOWL WATCH: Beyonce, Avocados, Practice

SUPER BOWL WATCH: Beyonce, avocados, practice

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"A lot of folks may think that there's nothing wrong with buying a knockoff Denver Broncos jersey, but in reality, the money is being used to fund the drug war in Mexico," Abar said. — Michael Kunzelman — ___. STAT OF …
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Santen and Clearside Biomedical Enter into Research and Financial Pact

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This microinjection process allows eye care professionals to treat patients in their offices without complicated surgical techniques. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed Clearside Biomedical to pursue testing related to Clearside's …
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Disparities Exist in Kidney Transplant Timing

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Morgan Grams, MD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) and her colleagues examined information from all adult first-time deceased donor kidney transplant recipients in the US between 1995 and 2011, classifying them as preemptive, early (on …
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Next-generation CT scanner provides better images with minimal radiation

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“CT scans are a great diagnostic tool for heart disease because we can obtain high-resolution 3-D images of the heart quickly and non-invasively,” said coauthor Andrew Arai, M.D., chief of the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Branch at the NIH's National …
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