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Is Alcohol or Weed Worse for You?

Question by shining girl: Is alcohol or weed worse for you?
I’ve always wondered if one is worse than the other for your health and if so why?

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Answer by D
booze kills your liver weed just makes you high

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Poll Numbers, State Budget Shortfalls Drive Marijuana Reforms

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With New York Governor Andrew Cuomo expected to announce an executive action to allow medical marijuana in his state this week, Texas is now part of the 22-state minority where the leafy intoxicant is strictly prohibited. But change may be …
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Slidell police arrest reports, Dec. 16-Jan. 4

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Brandon Obenland, 28, of 280 Audubon Drive, Slidell, was arrested on possession of a Schedule I narcotic, possession of a Schedule II narcotic and possession of drug paraphernalia charges. Raphael … Lisa Page, 42, of 301 Lakeshore Boulevard, Apt …


US urges overhaul of school discipline

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“In short, racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem.” The guidelines are not the first … Holder announced last summer that he was instructing federal prosecutors to stop charging nonviolent drug offenders with crimes that carry …
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Attorneys: 'Agony and terror' await Ohio killer

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The two-drug combination won't sedate death row inmate Dennis McGuire properly, and he will experience a suffocation-like syndrome known as air hunger, the attorneys said in filings Monday and Tuesday. The drugs were chosen because of a shortage of …
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