South Florida’s Gradual, Supportive, Program and Drug Addiction Treatment Center


South Florida’s Gradual, Supportive, Program and Drug Addiction Treatment Center – Are you or a loved one seeking help for drug addiction and or alcoholism? Are you sick of unsuccessful one-size-fits-all alcohol treatment experiences? Try an affordable, proven treatment program that that works; a solution that is tailored and customized for your individual re-integration into the “real world”. The Gonzalez Recovery Residences (The GRR) provide the supportive environment that will help you gradually implement healthy living skills and avoid the relapse cycle. The Gonzalez Recovery Residences do not provide an “in-patient setting.” The GRR facilities provide attractive residential options and custom, effective, enjoyable Programs, designed to help the chronic relapser and other individuals seeking relapse prevention and rehabilitation. Drugs alter brain chemistry and function. Eventually, the drugs convince the brain and body into believing that without the drugs, neither the brain nor the body can survive. When the alcohol and/or drug abuse progresses to this point a myriad of problems become evident: health issues, individual, family and interpersonal disappointments, and money issues. These problems usually pile up because the individual’s primary coping skills to deal with his or her problems is reduced to using drugs. Seeking help in alcohol recovery and heroin addiction programs to halt behavior dictated by addiction is often the best decision anyone can make. For most progressed alcoholics and drug addicts, outpatient treatment programs or


Kurtz removes his recent opponent Richards, gives task force post to supporter

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… council "to ensure that the criminal justice system in Champaign County operates cost-effectively and humanely" and that improvements should be made to mental health and substance abuse treatment programs to reduce recidivism and promote …
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Drag-and-drop drug targets brain cancer

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It combines computer-aided-design principles with nanoscale fabrication processes. In a press release, the US national science … Traditional drug development relies on trial-and-error and vast effectiveness studies, whereas the self-assembly …


The drug lab scandal: Who's cleaning it up?

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“I was taught from a young age to treat people with dignity and respect and to hear people out . . . and to be fair and to be honest and to be true to my values and principles and convictions,” he says. “Perhaps part of that comes from opportunities to …
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