Saint Jude Retreat Launches Alcohol and Drug Use Awareness

Saint Jude Retreat Launches Alcohol and Drug Use Awareness

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Saint Jude Retreats is proud to announce an awareness education campaign online aimed to increase awareness about substance use and to instill hope in …
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Will treating addiction as a 'disease' combat a growing epidemic?

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Should drug addiction be considered a disease, or will thinking about addiction in this way only further enable drug users by convincing them that they're …
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Shocking rise in drug addiction among baby boomer generation

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The number of 50 to 59-year-olds who admitted to taking illicit drugs – including the non-medical use of prescription drugs – in the past month has skyrocketed …
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Uruguay Govt plans to become cannabis dealer

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Uruguayan newspapers have reported that money from taxes on cannabis would go towards rehabilitating drug addicts. The Government did not provide details.
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