Protest of Travolta’s NarCONon #10


Protest of Travolta’s NarCONon #10 – NARCONON OF GEORGIA PROTEST. THANK YOU GA PEOPLE FOR YOUR HELP. Patrick Desmond’s mother describes him as kind-hearted and good-natured, but the former Marine died at 28-years-old, losing a battle against alcoholism. Desmond’s death in 2008 came as he took part in a worldwide drug treatment program, Narconon, already under fire for other patient deaths and ties to the Church of ScientologyProtest of Travolta’s NarCONon #1


MARR Introduces Business Development Team

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Atlanta, GA, December 14, 2012 –(– MARR, a drug and alcohol treatment center that specializes in gender-specific programs and therapeutic community, has appointed a Business Development team to manage its continued growth, as well as …
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Investigators spend Sunday gathering evidence after Saturday shootings

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The child was taken to a hospital in Georgia for treatment. No updates … He was arrested in the Oxford Home Depot parking lot with a kilogram of cocaine in his possession by the Calhoun-Cleburne County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force …
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2 Responses to Protest of Travolta’s NarCONon #10

  • XenuSmurf says:

    LOL. This dude has no authority to be telling? anyone what they can or cannot do.. and IT IS NOT.. a violation of anyone’s confidentiality to be taking photos of adults from a public street or sidewalk. The cult has pulled that crap on me.. and I laughed in their face..

  • gman3030300 says:

    People are gitting wise? down with the cult

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