Overcoming Gambling Addiction


Overcoming Gambling Addiction – This straight-talking, empowering video offers essential information on how problem gambling develops, its damaging impact on individuals and families, and how it can successfully be treated. Through candid first-hand accounts from four recovering gamblers, along with illuminating commentary from mental health experts, the program shows gamblers, their families, and therapists: how an alluring diversion becomes a shameful secret as problem gambling takes hold; common myths and misperceptions about gambling–and why ‘winning big’ is so unlikely; the benefits of individual and group therapy and self-help approaches; and ways to overcome setbacks in recovery and make meaningful, lasting changes.


Gambling expansion comes with a cost

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He is highly critical of New York State for expanding Lottery games, video gaming centers and now trying to build support for seven full-service casinos at a time when it drastically cut funding for gambling addiction programs. Two years ago the state …
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Riley Regan, Pioneer and Advocate in Alcoholism Drug Treatment and

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Riley Regan, Pioneer and Advocate in Alcoholism Drug Treatment and Gambling Addiction. Lake Worth, FL. Friday, December 07, 2012. Riley Regan, Pioneer and Advocate in Alcoholism and Drug Treatment Riley W. Regan, a nationally recognized authority …
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New campaign to raise awareness about gambling addiction

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The Department of Health and Human Services is launching the campaign. It's to help Nebraskans understand their limits and offer resources for people struggling with addiction. Jennifer Nelson is a recovering gambling addict of 11 years. She says she …
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Inside football's gambling addiction

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He also set up the Sporting Chance clinic, aimed at helping fellow sportsmen and women hooked on gambling, alcohol and drugs. Inside football's gambling addiction Paul Merson was a longtime teammate of Adams at Arsenal. The midfielder fought …
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@nilouferj @natasha_jamal U may think you can’t stop but, with the right help u can overcome a gambling addiction &regain control of ur life – by 1800muthu (Muthu Venkatachalam)


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Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling: Signs, Help, and Treatment http://t.co/plCQWvtc – by zekelhealthcare (Zekel Healthcare)


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@xxDemi182xx hahaha! Not going to help your gambling addiction is it – by NJGx (Natalie Garstang ?? )


15 Responses to Overcoming Gambling Addiction

  • Tchoup511 says:

    This is an excellent video in that it destroys the illusion that one can win on gambling. When laid bare, its just a repetitive behaviour driven by compulsion, and that is what the gambling industry counts on. Read a? sobering account of gambling, Diary of a Compulsive Gambler, an excellent read. Amazon

  • billfromwi says:

    It’s not teh gambler… it’s the? casinos being so tight with the payouts…..

  • Bill Kearney says:

    “COMPED” the book the “GAMING” industry doesn’t want you to read!

    Kindle Edition – $6.99

    To learn more about my credentials on this subject just? go on line and Google-up Bill Kearney on casino gambling, and while you’re there? check out what I’m doing today that’s helping others? from becoming what I once was.

  • BumQuisha Mathers says:

    Yes, they do have inpatient treatment it is 30 days working steps 1-5 of the 12 step program for compulsive gambling. they have a website with more details (type in Project Turnabout Vanguard in google search) the gambling unit is called Vanguard and there phone numbers are there as well. They accept? pretty much anyone from anywhere willing to quit gambling!

  • bobbylight111 says:

    “You don’t know the machines are? random.”



    do they have? inpatient treatment?


    absolutely nothing for me. I don’t understand how listening to peoples gambling addiction stories is supposed to help me. Also, I am extremely Christian and the GA meetings are extremely watered down versions of God. I don’t like referring to THE GREAT I AM as a higher power. Nevertheless, I’m going to put a full fledge effort starting today. Also, I’m going to get some of this free college money and go back to school so I can learn a new trade and? get out of the casino industry.


    Move in with daddy because my mother in law/landlord is kicking me out of my own house for failure to pay rent/stealing blank checks and cashing about 3k at the bank. I have a son with her daughter and? our relationship has been severely strained, hanging on by a thread now. Luckily she is being supportive but her parents said I am no longer a part of their lives until I completely conquer my addiction, which is now my main focus in life. My main issue is I’ve tried going to GA and it does


    10 years ago I played a round of Texas holdem and I was instantly hooked. They? say poker is a skill game and to a degree it is, I consider myself a great player. But it’s still gambling I don’t care what anybody says, you can’t control the guy calling with a flush draw and cracking your trips. So I haven’t gambled in 3 weeks because I lost everything least I still have a car and a job that I have to find a way to quit because I deal poker in a casino anyway got till this weekend and I have to

  • yaz isa says:

    when starting gambling you will find it harmless but soon it will grow on you and it will become much bigger addiction than a king can afford,

    The truth is, if every drop of water in the oceans and every tree in the world turn into money, there aren’t enough money in the world for? 1 gambler alone.

    What’s happened is happened, it’s never ever too late to stop right now, than you start enjoying relationships with your loved ones, carry on gambling you will not lose money but much more in life.

  • bjnboy says:

    With these things, it’s best to just? not start in the first place. 🙁

  • pcvideogamer says:

    Vegas wasn’t built on? winners…

  • sussy1100 says:

    Hmm interesting, I come across a system that promises up to 98% chance of winning the lottery, check? it out:
    go to
    tinyurl com/alu55dp (replace the space before the “com” with an actual “.”)

  • dancejinz says:

    People think they can win? I’m an accountant and have experiences with casinos. One Casino located in Northern Sacramento for example (will not mention name), takes in over 500 million dollars in revenue each year. After paying off utilities, yearly permits, staff workers, management salaries, property taxes, they take home over 250 million dollars in pure profits. They have 300 tribal members in which each member gets a whopping 35,000 per month. Where? does the money come from?

  • Bill Kearney says:

    “COMPED” the book the “GAMING” industry doesn’t want you to read!

    Kindle Edition – $6.99

    To learn more about my credentials on this? subject just go on line and Google-up Bill Kearney on casino gambling, and while you’re there check out what I’m doing today that’s helping others from becoming? what I once was.

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