On Prescription Drugs, Aglukkaq Raises Questions About Tory Policy

On prescription drugs, Aglukkaq raises questions about Tory policy

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Back in the 2008, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health recommended four ways to improve the federal anti-drug policy. The first two proposals were to bring alcohol and prescription drugs under the strategy. It made sense then and if anything …
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OTC use by teens is now increasing

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Data collected from a 2008-09 Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services School Health Survey revealed only 9 percent of sixth-graders had abused OTC medications in their lifetimes. This number increased to 22 percent by eighth grade and peaked at 24 …
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Trailblazing new approaches to prostitution

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This is certainly the case when it comes to prostitution, a system that is widely acknowledged to have dark links with human trafficking, violence, drug and alcohol addiction, child abuse and organised crime, yet to which policy-makers along with most …
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