More College Students Hooked on Gambling

More college students hooked on gambling

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For Hogan, it was the end of a tortured journey from friendly dorm room poker games with buddies to the life of a compulsive gambler so addicted to online gambling that he sometimes spent more than 12 hours a day at his computer placing wagers. About 6 …


Guilty of 'slave trading': Family of travellers lived in luxury while beating

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The victims – many of them homeless and addicted to drugs and alcohol – were kept in squalor, supplied with cannabis to keep them submissive and paid as little as £5 a day. While the family, headed by William Connor, lived in luxury, the men were used …
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A Wall of Justice for Victims of Painkiller Over-Prescription

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The link to the article is As I was writing each week about what was playing out in the courtroom, I had occasion to connect with an attorney by the name of Larry Wall who …
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Suspected heroin deaths shows drug's hold on northern suburbs

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Police and drug experts are speculating that the victims were hooked on opiate-based prescription drugs, like Oxycontin, but that the cost became too prohibitive so they graduated to heroin. For $ 60, an addict can get one high off an Oxycontin pill but …
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