Michigan Begins Process to Make New Synthetic Drug Illegal – Hillsdale, MI

Michigan begins process to make new synthetic drug illegal – Hillsdale, MI

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Since June 2012, information across the state regarding Phenethylamine drugs has been collected and sent to the MDCH by the Michigan Poison Control Center (MPCC), MSP, local health officers and law enforcement agencies. The frequency of individuals …
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Drug tests for welfare recipients weighed; Multicounty effort proposed for Ohio

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More than 30 states have had some sort of proposal or bill about drug-testing welfare recipients, said Liz Schott, a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington think tank that studies issues affecting low-income people …
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Quiet Doctor, Lavish Insider: A Parallel Life

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Dr. Gilman helped turn Michigan into a national center for research in dementia, and eventually the university's neurology lecture series was named after him. He was well-known for shaping trials for Alzheimer's drugs and served on Food and Drug …
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The HER2 Paradox: HER2-Positive Stem Cells Found in HER2-Negative Breast

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Whether a tumor contains HER2, an estrogen receptor protein, a progesterone receptor protein or all three or none can have an enormous impact on the tumor's aggressiveness, the patient's overall prognosis and treatment choices. … The team, which …
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