Legalize Drugs to Help Solve National Debt

Legalize drugs to help solve national debt

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Let me begin by stating that I do not drink alcohol or use drugs, nor would I recommend that anyone use them. I'm old enough, however, to have firsthand memories of the prohibition era, when mobsters were making big bundles of money by supplying …
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Dog adds to woman's list of achievements

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“She's been trained to be a medical service dog, search and rescue dog, drug dog, trick dog, companion dog,” Cox said. “They'll never use her as a search and rescue dog because they'd have … She said vocational rehabilitation funds for caregivers …
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5 QUESTIONS: Donna Wynn

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Dress for Success is an international organization that helps women with the clothing they need for that first job interview to become self-sufficient, often after time in prison or drug rehab, Mary Ivers founded the Cincinnati organization. … I was …


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