Is It Too Late to Change Up My Lifestyle and Become a Fighter Pilot?

Question by xxjusxkellyxx: Is it too late to change up my lifestyle and become a fighter pilot?
I’m a 14 year old white female. I’ve been through… a lot, I was born in the inner city area of Baltimore, and brought up in Glen Burnie Maryland. So far, I’ve done poorly. My GPA is 1.25 but I hope to bring it up to 3.5-3.8 before my High School career is over. I’m going to be a Sophmore on Tuesday. I hope to try out for spring sports, also. I work out twice a day and I’m currently trying to apply as an intern at the gym to raise money and pay my own share of the bills. I’ve ‘been around the block’ this includes drugs, abuse, rape, and much more. I’ve stayed away from gangs, and that’s about it.

I have big plans for my next three years in High School, this means, get my GPA up, meet the Senator, enrol in Civil Air Patrol, join sports, get a job, and do some more volunteer work. Maybe if I’m able to fix things and bury my past a little bit, can I make it into the Air Force Academy and be a fighter pilot? What are your suggestions? I’ll do everything possible, even change my name.

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Answer by BrooklynNellie
I don’t think women are allowed in combat. You can be a pilot, but not a fighter pilot.

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16 Responses to Is It Too Late to Change Up My Lifestyle and Become a Fighter Pilot?

  • soperson says:

    so far being a fighter pilot is pretty safe. and you get to drop whiskey pete on iraqi babies, melting their flesh.

    this is like zombieland.

  • Joe C says:

    It sounds like you’re doing great, but with all due respect I’m not in favor of combative roles for women in the military, generally.

  • Nick S. says:

    Pray, have hope, and work hard.

    If you try hard enough you can change the world.

  • ace_aussie_roo says:

    only you can decide how your life will continue , and I’m sorry to hear that you had such a hard upbringing

    – hooroo !

  • tabulator32 says:

    Having been in the military, I can say your past is not AS important as where you are now and where you are headed.

    They DO have a keen interest in making sure you have your head screwed on straight and it would be advisable to endeavor to be the utmost you can be if you want to be a fighter pilot. They only take the best and the attrition rate is phenomenal.

    Also, if you need to wear prescription glasses, you may consider lasik. You need 20/20 vision or better.

  • sworddancer98 says:

    eat some carats for your eyes pilot needs 20/20 vision

  • azrielle says:

    Girl you are 14, there is nothing that is too late for you to do. Get those grades up and you can do anything after that. Man, that would be soo cool if you did that. Please just don’t lose sight of those dreams. I wanted to be a pilot when I was your age too. But I let other people tell me I couldn’t, so I didn’t. Don’t let that happen and believe me, you can, especially since you already have some bad experiences in your past to learn from. Too many kids grow up being handed everything and when they get into the real world, they have no goals or ambition. But you are different and that’s why you will be great at what you decide to do. Especially a pilot. Just keep straight-laced from now on 🙂 Good luck!!!!!

  • sidekick says:

    It is never to late, learn and work hard at it, you will get there, You are on your way now by wanting to change your ways and better yourself, keep looking forward and never look back, good luck and God Bless.

  • vcxzzxcvvcxzzxcv says:



    All you need is to have a 4 year degree in ANYTHNG at an acredited college, and make it through officer training and flight school.


    Oh yeah, you need to be drug free too.

  • tap158 says:

    It sounds like you are on the right track and I congratulate you you have time to get your grades up and plan on collage and if possible you might try getting your private pilots license you have a good shot at applying for pilots training but about 10 percent of those who complete pilots training get picked to go on to Fighter Training but there are plenty of pilot jobs out there
    Good Luck I am rooting for you

  • Bet says:

    If you do all those things and get a good SAT score you should be accepted to the USAFA. I hope to go there as well. You can do it. Good luck!

  • Biddy_Bunny says:

    You can’t be a fighter pilot because you are a female. Also my husband is Air Force and you need to look into the regs. You have to be in a certain weight and height range, your vision must be perfect, and your hearing must be perfect. If you have had prior surgeries it generally rules out the possibility of being a pilot. There are also tons of medical conditions that won’t allow you to fly. It is very hard to become an Air Force pilot. You also must be an officer to fly so that means getting college in first. Good luck just find out all of the restrictions before you have your mind set on pilot.

  • xmilestogo says:

    hey, you are doing a great job! it sounds very much to me like you have the motivation and ability to achieve your goals!

    yes, you can still become a fighter pilot if you work hard enough. the most important thing you need to know though is to not be discouraged by what ANYONE tells you. Just keep those grades up and keep studying no matter what! I can tell you have a burning desire inside of you and it’s that burning desire that will carry you through so that you can reach your dreams! You can make it if you try.

    I was a lot like you when I was your age but I quit studying when a recruiter told me that I couldn’t be a pilot because of my eyesight. It turns out that that recrutier was wrong but I didn’t learn that until it was too late.

    -I was in the civil air patrol
    -trying to get my pilots license
    -straight A’s
    -extra carricular activities

    but i gave up because a recruiter gave me false information. so my suggestion to you is to keep trying and do not give up!

    you can do it!

    additional details:


    YES YOU CAN BE A FIGHTER PILOT. there are many female fighter pilots.

    NO YOU DO >NOT< NEED PERFECT VISION you can get laser surgery ...buddy bunny is exactly the type of person you need to watch out for. her goal is to knock the wind out of your sails. ignore people like her!

  • dakotais25 says:

    Wow…you are only 14 BUT THAT GPA NEEDS TO BE BETTER UNLESS YOU WANT TO WORK AT MCDONALDS!!! But you still have time to bring your grades up if you start now…no more ‘well i do it next year’. If you dont do it now you will run out of time for your GPA. I can imagine its gonna be hard but try and put that stuff behind you and dream of a future that you will create if you study hard and play it smart….joining sports is also a good way to keep it strait. GOOD LUCK!!

  • jim1965_99 says:

    The civil air patrol is your best bet. The senator can help you too, but what you need to think about is college. If you want to go there are ways to pay for it. Get student loans, and then get a degree-then join the military if you think it is still for you by then.


  • brian h says:

    women arent allowed into combat positions due to the periods. so you cant become a fighter pilot, but you could still join the USAF and be a pilot

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