Inside Track: Second Tour of Duty Offers New Challenges

Inside Track: Second tour of duty offers new challenges

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Jim Haveman, the Grand Rapids native who was appointed director of the Michigan Department of Community Health in September by Gov. Rick Snyder, won't be learning the job from scratch. “This is my second tour of duty,” quipped Haveman. It's possible …
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Ask Amy: Anorexia's toll leads to teen's anxiety

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She eats therapists and drug rehab like candy. She lies, steals, begs for money and is … Send questions to or Ask Amy, Chicago Tribune, TT500, 435 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. Copyright 2012 San Jose Mercury News.
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Lifelong Learning

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Just off her day shift in The Johns Hopkins Hospital's physical rehab unit, Verrillo, MSN, RN, sipped a hot cup of ever-present tea as she settled into what, for her, was the modern equivalent of night school: sweats, wooly socks, and a computer. On …
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