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hopefully this will be short…been dating guy for almost 3 years, live together. The man that made a believer out of me for “love at first site”, the man that blessed me with feelings of “butterflies”…the man I “want” to spend rest of my life with. Problem? Was addicted to cocaine/crack when we met, has been off of for 1 1/2 years..this I know (passed two drug tests that I have given him)..turning point, failed drug test and I left, after ALOT of convincing that he would quit, went back with him! The other addiction he has, drinking ALOT, yes..he has slowed down, but will NEVER quit.. something we live with and fight about Alot! Not only does he have this addiction, demon to live with..he is disrespectful (flirts with woman in front of me) but, he can’t be trusted. As hard as I have tried to trust, he gives me reasons not to trust him more than reasons to trust him (finding “hidden” empty liquor bottles, sneaks when goes to store to down a beer, caught smoking crack in my basement (before he quit, I know he hasn’t done since)..just reasons not to trust! He has not worked since we have been together (I make good money and pay for everything), although, he does do side work and some “extra” money in (which he blows) sometimes. I have EVERYTHING to gain, and NOTHING to lose by ending this relationship. I need some help, some advice on what I should do and some experiences that other people have dealt with…thanks!

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You can have him. But why go addiction ways?

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Surge in babies born into drug addiction

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According to her grandparents, who would visit regularly, their daughter became addicted to drugs before she became pregnant with Penelope and was unable to stop using despite several interventions. Penelope is not alone in her struggles.
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WASHTENAW COUNTY: Groups aim to stop prescription drug abuse epidemic (with video)

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Text HELP for help. Text STOP to cancel. Clinicians and several others involved in the medical and human services fields gathered Thursday at the Washtenaw County Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium at Washtenaw Community College.
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New firm will operate drug treatment center in Sykesville

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An Arlington-based drug addiction treatment firm will now be managing the Carroll County Long Term Treatment Facility in Sykesville. The Carroll County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted in favor of giving the $ 897951 contract to Phoenix House …
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