GOP Lowers Entitlement Reform Hopes – Time Running Out on Fiscal Cliff Deal

GOP lowers entitlement reform hopes – Time running out on fiscal cliff deal

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The drug Zohydro, made by Zogenix, would be the first pure hydrocone drug on the market, but the FDA advisers were worried that it doesn't come with certain abuse-resistant features. The Pro story: —ZOGENIX: NO PLANS TO …
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Biogen Idec and Isis Pharmaceuticals Announce Collaboration For Antisense

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Biogen Idec and Isis are also developing antisense drugs to treat spinal muscular atrophy and myotonic dystrophy type 1 under previously established collaborations. "Our latest collaboration with Isis … These forward-looking statements may be …
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Fake marijuana use is a serious problem for teens

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The new data were released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), as part of their Drug Abuse Warning Network. There were 2.3 million ER visits involving drug misuse or abuse in 2010, and of these, 11,406 involved …
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A new debate on decriminalization in the UK

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Although it is expensive when compared to treatment entirely in the community, it is cost-effective when compared to the cost of ongoing drug addiction. While we welcome the Government's focus on recovery in the Drugs Strategy 2010, we have …
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