Ecstasy-Style Drug Use Up in City

Ecstasy-style drug use up in City

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Ecstasy-style drug use up in City. HCM CITY (VNS)— More people in HCM City are using amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) like Ecstasy and crystal meth, according to reports from the city's rehabilitation centres. This year, the Thanh Da Rehabilitation …
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Rehab for drug addicted kids as local cases almost treble

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Alarmingly, 41 of the children are trying to beat an addiction to drugs while the remaining 20 are being treated for an alcohol addiction only. The figures were released by the Department of Health in its latest Census of Drug and Alcohol Treatment …
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What Is Fentanyl, the Drug Amber Portwood Was Using in Treatment?

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Amber admits that she was doing drugs while in treatment, and tells Dr. Drewski, "I started to move to kind of harder drugs. Fentanyl patches … I would go in the mornings to go pee to screen, and I would be chewing on a patch as I was screening. That …
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Bethlehem residents again oppose Abraham Atiyeh's drug rehab proposals

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Moose & Bug Florist in Bethlehem View full sizeExpress-Times File Photo | LYNN OLANOFFDeveloper Abraham Atiyeh is proposing a 47-bed drug rehabilitation facility at the former Moose & Bug Florist on Linden Street and a 28-bed facility on Center Street.
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Across the EU, the use of members of . Roma. communities for low level drug distribution is on the rise. mephedrone, 4-fluoramphetamine and others, often retailed as ecstasy-style tablets. of credit and debit cards, loading of credit onto mobile phone top up cards, and the use of … Doc Retrieval

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National drug panic around the cocaine-ecstasy style legal high, mephedrone. mephedrone. “new drug trends are something i would expect to start in an inner city, so it took us by surprise that drug at up to £20 a gram, profits of up to 400 per cent are possible. … Get Document