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Eating Disorders? – Self-help online program – You don’t want to live like this! I know I’ve been in that horrible place of despair. Let me tell you how I found freedom. You can be free from the death grip of eating disorders. Self- help. Online, Safe. Real. Life time member.


Now alcoholics can seek help online! | Health News | Health Research | Diet

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The battle against alcohol abuse is going online! In a society like ours where seeking rehabilitation for addiction is still considered taboo an anonymous website like can go a long way in fighting addiction-related problems.
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Lower tax suggested for low nicotine cigarettes

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A two-tier excise policy would be kinder to smokers, allowing them to select and smoke a mix of expensive addictive cigarettes and low-cost denics to control smoking costs, reduce cravings and help people quit. "A lower tax rate classification for …
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Anyone want me to do their online physics homework? . Help me score some money so I can feed my addiction to nicotine haha – by Alex_LeVrier (Alex LeVrier)


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My online shopping addiction is sickening. I need help! ** – by effaziz (Chabel)


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I need a job to support my online shopping addiction. Anyone know of any around Riverside?! #help #job #need #money – by SarahIsLeet (Sarah Skywalker)


5 Responses to Eating Disorders? – Self-Help Online Program

  • RandyPeace29570 says:

    It still surprises me, how lot of people have no idea about Bulimilorex Remedy (just google it), although a lot of people completely cure their bulimia naturally? with this remedy. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Bulimilorex Remedy, I finally eliminated my pain & embarrassment for good with healthy approaches.

  • safehouse123 says:

    Its better than a minimum of? $20,000….

  • Heleen Woest says:

    You’re very welcome! Please have a look at my website for more information on help. I have a FREE ebook that you can download and also give the first week of my program for FREE to test it out. There are also tons of free articles on my website about ways to help you in your struggle with food.
    If you feel that you? can benefit from my program, after going through the free material, I also offer scholarships. I have currently given away scholarships to ladies all around the globe.

  • skinney4life says:

    What an excellent video….Thank you…Thank you. I am struggling in my recovery from anorexia? and am also Christian. I could really relate when you said, are you pleading to God when you pray….I am so lost…Thanks for this video.

  • Rachelwhite867 says:

    i think this is a wonderful idea… but why charge? god does not ask for money in return for freedom. its just a thought. i beleive that this may well be completely different from the money making “self help” courses out there, but it is a very serious thing to be making money off of. none the less if i had money im sure i could benefiet greatly from this course as i have struggled with an eating disorder for many years, i just wish it? was more accessible for the less financially equipt.

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