Drug Rehabs: Drug Rehabs – the Battle Against Addiction

Drug addiction is undoubtedly one of the great tragedies of our society. Drug abuse is claiming lives by the thousands. For those who do survive drug addiction, there is a never-ending struggle to remain whole.

Drug abuse was once considered the plague of youthful indiscretion. Times have changed, however, and being no respecter of persons, the drug culture has spread its tentacles into all levels of society and every age group.

According to Mayo Clinic statistics, 19.5 million people over the age of 12 use illegal drugs in the United States. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that actual costs related to drug abuse in the United States is nearing $ 200 billion annually.

Most drug users do not have the will power necessary to sever ties with addictive drugs and those who sell them. The consequences of drug abuse are devastating, leaving a legacy of death and ruined lives. Thousands upon thousands of former drug users owe their lives to the effectiveness of good drug rehabilitation programs.

Drug addiction is not limited to the use of illegal street drugs. Countless numbers are caught in the snare of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that are easily purchased in pharmacies throughout our country.

Fortunately, drug addiction is a curable condition, meaning there is hope for every person who commits to making the changes necessary for successful rehabilitation. The uphill battle is long and hard and is often characterized by periods of success followed by periods of failure.

Rehabilitation needs to be done safely and under the supervision of qualified medical and psychological professionals. This is where effective drug rehab programs come into play.

The whole concept behind drug rehab is for the patient to put an end to a lifestyle of substance abuse and to live once again in the freedom of a drug-free environment. It is about stopping the pain caused by drug abuse to both the user and those who are part of his inner circle. It is also about reclaiming a life lost in the mire of drug addiction. Rehab is essential because without it the person addicted can never deal head on with the root cause.

There is more to drug rehabs than simply setting a person free from the shackles of dependency. Some of the issues that must be faced include lifestyle, social patterns, peer pressure, stress, history of drug addiction in the family and a person’s overall health, to name a few. There are always underlying issues that have contributed to addiction in the first place. Qualified rehab counselors will leave no stone unturned to expose those issues that affect healing.

Drug rehab is often a long and tedious process. That is because of the complexity of drug addiction. Some addicts are successful in cleaning up their life. Others are not. In every case, however, an effective drug rehab environment is one that provides everything necessary for successful recovery. Depending on the severity of addiction, a drug addict can expect a 30 to 90-day stay at a rehab facility.


The purpose of drug rehab is primarily three-pronged. Drug rehab aims to help one stop the use of drugs, to live a drug-free life, to become a productive family member, and to become a productive member of society. That, of course, requires intensive, long-term care.


The benefits of drug rehabs are seen on primarily three fronts; physical, mental and emotional. That is because these three are the areas of a life most affected by drug abuse.

One can easily understand the fact that drug abuse causes serious physical damage. Drug abuse also causes us to lose touch with reality, or our emotional being. It is a fact that many choose the slippery road of drug abuse to disguise certain emotions.

Drugs are just as harmful to our mental being. Drug abusers do not think as clearly as they once did. Their powers of reason are severely hampered, and they often can’t think their way through even the smallest problem.

Here are some benefits we can attribute to drug rehab programs:

Provides a solid foundation for making the necessary changes in your life.
Provides both medical and emotional support to the addicted.
Helps one face the demons in his life that are creating a dependency on drugs.
Provides a safe place and means for withdrawing from drugs.
Paves the way for physical, mental and emotional wellness.
Provides the means by which one can realize his full potential.
Paves the way for healing broken relationships.

There are also numerous benefits to society at large, such as reduced health care costs, higher production in industry because of fewer lost work days, etc.


It is only through a qualified drug rehab program that an addict can become whole again. For anyone who wants to break the chain of bondage to drugs, it is important they choose the proper program. It is your very life that is at stake and one should never settle for less than the best.

Because not all drug rehab programs are created equally, selecting the correct program can be extremely confusing. How does one evaluate a drug rehab program?

First of all obtain statistics regarding the success rate of each program. One should also inquire about the qualifications of the various professionals who will be involved in your healing. Ask questions about the facilities’ rehab philosophy.

You will also want to know if the rehab program is medically based. Does the rehab center offer program options?

Don’t forget to investigate whether or not members of your family will obtain professional help as part of the healing process. After all, they too have been severely affected by drug abuse. Be sure to ask questions about cost, and find out what is included and what is not included for that price.

Another crucial detail is whether the facility offers a continuing care program that will be available once your rehab term is completed. The fact that one has come through a rehab program is no guarantee against relapse. At the very least, temptation will raise its ugly head time and time again. It is expedient to know you are not on your own and that help is close at hand.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is a comprehensive and innovative provider of drug addiction treatment for teens as well as adults. Providing drug rehab treatment since the 1990’s, they are well-equipped, caring and compassionate in dealing with sensitive addiction issues.

Visit holistic drug rehab for more information for yourself or your loved one.

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