Drug Rehab Inmate Escapes With Legs Chained

Drug rehab inmate escapes with legs chained

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Following which, he said, police conducted a search at the drug rehabilitation centre in Merang, Setiu, about 10pm yesterday and found two of its inmates, aged 26 and 30, in a room with their legs chained. "A 24-year-old caretaker of the centre was …
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Narconon Freedom Center Michigan Hosts Drug Prevention Education Training

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Narconon Freedom Center, located in Albion, Michigan, is a private non-profit long term residential rehab program that is licensed by the State of Michigan. For nearly 10 years, Narconon Freedom Center has been providing alcohol and drug rehabilitation …
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Report: Fewer Texans return to prison as state focuses on rehabilitation

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"In order to sustain our momentum, continued investment in offender rehabilitation is critical." In the past five years, Texas has greatly expanding drug and alcohol treatment programs, and re-entry initiatives. Parole rates are up and parole …
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