Drug Addiction Treatment in Punjab


drug addiction treatment in punjab – addiction treatment in amritsar


Drug users call for humane rehabilitation services

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Demanding that the Government lay down standards for evidence-based, voluntary treatment for drug dependence, monitor centres that offer such treatment and increase the number of government facilities to manage drug addiction, several organisations …
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High time for drug reform but not legalisation says senior Tory MP NICK DE BOIS

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Here, senior Tory MP Nick de Bois, who helps lead the party's influential 1922 Committee, argues that drug addicts should receive treatment, not prison sentences. But reformed addict and author Barry Woodward – whose charity Proclaim Trust talks to …
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2 Responses to Drug Addiction Treatment in Punjab

  • amarpreetak47 says:

    If u need to get something u have to loose some thing money is not important then life if u will get better u will gain money again bro? teir are so many deaddition senator in Punjab those u give u free service but their success rate is zero

  • shakti singh aulakh says:

    bhatiya sahib eh efort ta bahut vadia par tuhadi fees aam banda effort nhi kr skda ,,nal eh vi likho ki eh? vip treatment hai aam bnde lyi nhi hai

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