Drug Addiction : How to Recover From Methadone Addiction


Drug Addiction : How to Recover From Methadone Addiction – Recovering from methadone addiction is not easy, and occupying your time with other activities is a great way to ween yourself off. Begin your recovery from methadone addiction with tips from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video on drug addiction recovery. Expert: Dr George Northrup Contact: docgmd.com Bio: Dr. George Northrup earned his medical degree at The University of South Florida in Tampa and completed his psychiatry residency at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: Drug addiction is a life threatening illness, but these tips can help save someone’s life. Become aware of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction with help from a practicing psychiatrist in this free video series on drug addiction.


Demonizing welfare recipients

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The superficial appeal of screening welfare recipients for drug abuse is reflected in the formulation favored by Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott, who says, “Our taxpayers don't want to subsidize somebody's drug addiction.” In polls, large …
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11 Responses to Drug Addiction : How to Recover From Methadone Addiction

  • 74powers says:

    God bless all those recovering from this terrible addiction sometimes the less of two evils turns out to be equally as bad but god will get you? though if you are strong enough to take the cure

  • estelleright88 says:

    He did not give any valid information to come off methadone & then said “ask? them to take a drug test” to see if they have a drug problem, are you serious and stupid. People on methadone know they have a problem that’s why they are on methadone and even more so those trying to come off it. This was no help whatsoever with how to come methadone and cope with coming off it as it’s a life changing decision. This was lame and useless no help with recovering from methadone as the title states.

  • Vickie Bennett says:

    Appreciate this informative video. That? is just about all I’m able to declare. An individual clearly know what you are doing, you have coated so many angles. Many thanks!

  • Tonyofleeds says:

    No help to me? either

  • 1pacisanimus says:

    This was NO HELP AT ALL?

  • jennantang says:

    I’m on my 11 th day in tampa coming off methadone. These quacks make people want to blow there heads off. I get talking. I talk a lot. I hurt though. Just? put me to sleep at a reasonable cost so I can friggin be done already. Uhhh tampa man! I’m 28 started 10 yrs ago n I’m dying here. People want to stop damn it make it an option to do this without feeling like death? Knowing I’m ten mins from a hospital that does this is killing .me any rich people want to help its 10 gs n I’m outta work fmla

  • fettes5 says:

    Just an update on my reply to post below “@chrissys31”. I have,with the help of my local gp(doctor) and social drug worker access to residential treatment in England,i stay in Scotland and can only thank god for the British NHS for helping me out with what was a self inflicted illness. Whatever,i am just about to go into a good rehab clinic that is going to get me meds to come off the Methadone and more importantly find? the reasons behind the drug taking to begin with. Thank god for the UK NHS

  • wilfish4774 says:

    Is this guy a nut bag or what?? He has not a clue about methadone addiction nor recovery and is obviously self oriented and is I would guess in league with the pharmaceutical companies who are actively fleecing america at the expense of it’s young people. These pharmaceutical companies all have lobbies who court politicians to relax drug? laws and regulations. Don’t take the bait and if you already have 15 to 20 days and you will be on your way to not being a slave to glorified drug dealers

  • chrissys31 says:

    My clinic I swear is out just for the sole purpose of money and they dont give a crap about us patients. Its in a bad neighborhood and basically no rules are enforced and its a flop house! The dr. is rude and the counsling is a joke with ppl w/no experience in drugs. They show favorism and are a one race ran place. You have to help yourself with no guidance really. I hope more ppl research it? more before hoppin on it as a miracle drug it might seem like it at first but beware.ty.

  • chrissys31 says:

    and he sleeps on and off through the nite and has also started havin more depressive days than he used to (he is? on paxil for yrs.) but its been about 2mths and he is still feelin crappy. I’m the sole provider and care for my kids so I cant laid down and kick cuz if that was the case i would have never got on this! Im ramblin sorry but methadone is tricky not something for all opiate addicts but yes helps the severe but there should be limits n more help from clinic dr’s.

  • chrissys31 says:

    I mean workers there will tell ya anything they dont wanna lose there job and without u there isnt them! I found a family now to prescribe it to me so its a bit easier for me but Im always worried about something happening like if? he goes out of business or just anything happening and im on this hard med to get from dr’s.I think they prescribe it to to many ppl now and not true ppl that need it like heroin NEEDLE addicts not pill poppers like I was. My man just got off of it cont.

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