Do You Grin When You See Good Boys Like Allen West Get With the Program?

Question by : Do you grin when you see good boys like Allen West get with the program?
Allen West and Herman Cain are decent. 99.9% of their kind are drug addicts, criminals, and welfare rats; so it’s nice to see some folks like Cain and West realize that and their place in society — they don’t complain. The Democrats are trying to enslave africans via social welfare programs and drug “rehabs” instead of prisons to make them dependent on the government (dependency is a form of slavery). I’ll admit: I wanted to pat Mr. West on the head and give him a nice treat for recognizing such obvious facts.

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Answer by Ranger The Funk Up!
Shhh Democrat politicians rely on the ignorance of societies understanding of consequences of their “good intentions” ANd that is what we call a “Democrat voter”

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