David Boston Gets Six Months in Jail, Concussions Cited at Sentencing

David Boston gets six months in jail, concussions cited at sentencing

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I guess this could be the case I won't judge that but addiction is a brain disorder also but inthe end we are all responsible for our behavior. This could be a slippery slope that ends up stigmatizing those who really need medical help …
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AFI Lists Top Ten Films of 2012

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Strange that 'The Master' – a brilliant American film – didn't make the cut, but I am very happy to see The Dark Knight Rises here, hopefully this mention will help the film in the long run, I would love to see it sneak into BP. Also, I think Django …
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Anne Lamott inspires at St. Mark's

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Lamott spoke on her newest book, “Help, Thanks, Wow,” and becoming a Christian in her 30s, something she really, really didn't want to do, she explained. The best-selling author, professor, lecturer, political activist, mother and … trying to help …
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Dude, Your Wife Wants You To Go To Bed!

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A young female WoW player posted a rant about how she hates her husband's WoW addiction. Not only did she post about how angry his addiction made her, she also asked gamers to help her "fix" her husband. The original post, which was posted under the …
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