Dan’s Apology


Dan’s Apology – Watch in High Quality, it’s the only way. Hope you like the improved quality from the one on my friend’s channel and fav this one and relink it, cos the other version will be deleted. I know it’s a pain when videos are deleted. Sorry Mucho Scene from Sport’s night, ep 2, dan was asked to apologize for recent cannabis legalisation comments, where he was quoted as saying he hadnt touched the drug for 11 years to the day-leading his insurance company to think he was an addict. He didn’t think he should apologize for his opinion, but he found someone to apologize to. Great acting


Key recommendations from the public inquiry into the Pickton case

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The provincial government should fund law reform research projects on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse on memory and potential changes to evidence laws to better help vulnerable witnesses to take part in the court process. ___. The provincial …
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Anti-drug campaign targets 5 million students

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"We intend to deepen the religious and moral values among the public to keep them away from drugs and narcotics and inform them about the bad effects of drug abuse on family, society and economy," Al-Sharief said. The campaign intends to carry out a …
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11 Responses to Dan’s Apology

  • shortbread71 says:

    Eli’s coming….?

  • zyxwvutsrqponml1234 says:

    how can you gain? a true understanding of the show from a 3 minute clip ?

  • zyxwvutsrqponml1234 says:

    i believe it most likely got cancelled because robert guillaume really did suffer a stroke,? which is why they wrote that into the script.

  • ccrosbie33 says:

    Wow, this was supposed to be some hilarious show that was screwed over by being cancelled? Seems heavier handed than the last season of MASH.

    Over-dramatized? monologues on a Sportscenter parody show? I’ll go back to my Arrested Development clips…

  • throwdini23 says:

    Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band? 1970’s

  • MIssFaby2 says:

    Josh Charles is awesome!!
    I would like to know? what song play in the final??

  • illjoy13 says:

    This is quite honestly one of the best monolgues? I’ve heard. Josh Charles’ acting is fantastic, the writing is fantastic, and all the other characters’ expressions are perfect.

  • AlexaVeganna says:

    I loved every minute of this show. Not this episode; every single episode throughout? the show’s run.

  • Riverakienmas says:

    This is my? favorite show ever. I own the only two seasons that it lasted, but that is more than enough for me.
    It’s still kinda funny imagining Dana in desperate housewives or Dan in The Good Wife.
    Kind of like, they ended up quitting Sports Nights to do that. XD

  • bornbillsmith says:

    it’s hard to imagine the feelings of losss Dan has when he re lives the death of his brother and how to react to his telling of that story.
    Casey was moved by the story and he knew that Dan needed someone to talk to but he seems to also understand that if Dan wanted to talk about.his brother he would have so he does the best he can by? just being there.

  • PaytonnSuee says:

    I have to do a monologue for a audition and they gave me this one. This has? helped alot!

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