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Christian Drug Treatment Center – Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers offers substance abuse treatment and has one of the top programs in the country for Christian Treatment, Christian drug treatment, christian alcohol rehabilitation. Christian treatment utilizes the 12 steps and biblical teachings. Christian treatment is very effective with addicts and alcoholics who struggle with the disease of addiction and alcoholism.


Activists work to break down drug, HIV stigma

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When you say harm reduction they say they are using drugs,” Aaraj said with Christian and Muslim religious leaders from a broad array of sects in the audience. “Even for some people in the science field, for physicians, medical doctors or others …
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Marijuana Legalization and the Future Cultural, Social and Political Contours

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Massachusetts voters, for example, have eliminated criminal and civil penalties for those using marijuana for debilitating medical conditions and state law now allows for "non-profit medical marijuana treatment centers." The New England state now joins …
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A Times story highlights a potential breakthrough — like the one that saved

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Last spring, Whitehead's doctors performed an experimental treatment on her, removing millions of her T-cells and inserting new genes, using a “disabled form of H.I.V. because it is very good at carrying genetic material into T-cells.” From there, the …
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