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Tori Ferrari – How to Prevent Teen Drug Use


Tori Ferrari – How to Prevent Teen Drug Use – Preventing drug abuse in teens is much better than having to solve the problem after the addiction has begun. In this video, Tori Fer…


Firm rules by parents can prevent adolescent binge drinking

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A Deakin University study has found that rates of teen binge drinking were reduced by 25 per cent when parents set firm rules not to supply or allow adolescent alcohol use. A research team led by Deakin's Professor John Toumbourou conducted a two-year …


How to talk to your children about drugs

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According to the recent National Institute on Drug Abuse survey of teen students in the United States, illicit drug use among teenagers has continued at high rates. In 2012 alone, 14.8 percent of high school seniors used a prescription drug non-medically.
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Sexting and Slang: Detecting teens' risky secrets

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Teens are abusing other drugs, too — cocaine, inhalants, ecstasy, heroin and hallucinogenic drugs showed up on the survey. The National Institute on Drug Abuse's 2012 survey, Monitoring the Future, found marijuana remains the most abused drug by …
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