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Pain Management in NFL Spawns Culture of Prescription Drug Abuse

Pain management in NFL spawns culture of prescription drug abuse

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Numerous studies suggest the drugs that help many athletes take the field each Sunday can carry dangerous side effects, lead to lifelong addictions, expose them to further injury and compromise a delicate system that's ripe for abuse. Court records and …
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Scott Mooneyham: Drugabuse epidemics a century ago … and today

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The changes may help busy doctors discover patients who are seeking multiple prescriptions to feed addictions; it may also help find doctors who are acting as enablers to addicts and involved in a pattern of prescribing large amounts of painkillers to …
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Meet the 000 man: From poverty and drug abuse to a job

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Hammond says he ended up in Baltimore three years ago, addicted to crack cocaine and snorting heroin, living in abandoned buildings where "the rats were fierce," and financing his addiction by breaking into cars and stealing copper pipes out of …
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