A Chance to Lessen Drug Abuse

A chance to lessen drug abuse

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Let's hope the recent death of TV star Cory Monteith, which was linked to a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol, will spur the public – and our lawmakers – to renew our commitment to preventing and treating drug abuse. The most pressing challenge …
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Alcohol Treatment Miami is Reinventing the Image of Substance Abuse

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Alcohol Treatment Miami has taken the stigma out of seeking treatment for alcohol and drug abuse with their brand new, cutting edge addiction treatment techniques. No one's journey of addiction and recovery is exactly alike and the certified addiction …
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Limited treatment options for meth addiction a challenge

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When dealing with alcohol and drug-related cases, Hoffman, who runs the county's drug court, he consults with a probation officer, an assistant prosecutor, two substance abuse counselors and a defense attorney. The group determines the best way to …
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